Vision and values

Whitireia & WelTec’s vision (Whakakitenga) is:
Learning together. Transforming lives. Te ako ngātahi. Te whakaahua kētanga o te tangata

We are known for our distinctiveness (Ahureitanga) and we have special relationships with local Iwi: WelTec with Te Ātiawa and Whitireia with Ngāti Toa. Together, we are more than the sum of our parts.

Mā tātou, mō tātou Ko WelTec ki Te Āti Awa, ko Whitireia ki Ngāti Toa. E haere kōtui nei me kura-takahi-puni tātou.

Together, will lead and illuminate our communities through tertiary education.


Values (Ngā kaupapa e whā)

Our values are what define us as one of New Zealand’s most honoured tertiary institutions. Our faculty, staff, and students follow and live by our values.


Encouraging cooperation in learning and resource sharing to promote individual confidence and group harmony through a positive and supportive learning environment.


Creating a learning environment where all people feel they belong because their uniqueness is valued and promoted.


Achieving more equal outcomes by providing significant learning and education success for those who have previously lacked such opportunities.


Being flexible, creative and open to change, to better meet individual, industry, and community learning needs.


Being an effective organisation with a clear sense of purpose, striving for excellence and creating an environment where all have the right to succeed.


Maintaining the highest ethical standards and permitting public scrutiny to ensure the maintenance of those standards.


Monitoring and reporting on the maintenance of educational quality standards and on the responsible use of public resources.


Goals (Ngā Whaingā)

By 2021, the Whitireia & WelTec whānau will be dynamic, innovative providers of vocational education. Fully integrated with the community, we’ll support learners to engage in their first jobs, to upskill to change roles and to learn for life.

We have five goals that will help us accomplish this:

Whole of person

Partnering through the learning and career journey. Helping learners to increase their contribution to society.

Whole of learning framework

Providing relevant, high-quality programmes and services to meet the needs of industry and the community.

Whole of community

Collaborating with and contributing to iwi, industry, secondary schools, Pasifika and the wider community.

Whole of place

Engaging with people across the country and across the world to ensure our programmes and services are relevant, portable and high-quality.

Whole of system

Taking a system-wide perspective to the delivery of coherent, effective and efficient learning services

Whitireia and WelTec are part of Te Pūkenga - New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology

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